Alex is pragmatic enough to seek paths of least resistance to get the job done, while sophisticated and scrupulous enough to clearly understand and champion when it’s worth it to insist on doing something the “right” way – for the right reasons. The value Alex places upon the success of his customers is a primary driver… and his integrity is superlative.

Adam Lucas
Sr. Web Solutions Engineer, Alcatel Lucent

Alex is a thoughtful CMS strategist who restructured our CMS implementation to achieve the functionality and order we needed. Our marketers and development team enjoyed working with him, and I would definitely hire him again in the future.

Aimee Young
Chief Marketing Officer & Advisor, HarvestMark

Alex always focuses on gaining a deep understanding all of the business requirements and objectives before applying web design and technology… He has been an objective advisor as well as technical partner and has proved invaluable on multiple occasions. I would highly recommend Alex…

Ken Ume
Director of Product Marketing, Petrotechnics Ltd